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We’re over halfway through the very first EXTRA CURRICULAR CLUBS WEEK and what better way to celebrate than with another My Science Club!

This one is from the rather wonderful Elaine who has recently joined our team as a writer. She brings oodles of early years experiences and is an award winning teacher too! You can read more about her and her amazing background in one of our other blogs by clicking here…

Over the course of a year of My Science Club at Mearns Primary, approximately 80 children will have been part of the fun.  It is therefore no surprise that our favourite quote of the whole week has come from one of Elaine’s science clubbers…

” I was halfway home and remembered science club was on.  I’m back, so can I join in?”

Child aged 6 (who made their parent turn the car around!)

Just brilliant, we know that the children at Mearns Primary are very lucky to have Elaine running their science club and we love that she uses our packs to do that. Her photos are from our Early Primary Physics – Pushes and Pulls pack. Click here to see more Early Primary packs.

Elaine was one of our very first members of My Science Club and used to work with Paul, one of our co-founders when he was at Mearns Primary School, East Renfrewshire, and they remain firm friends and science buddies. Elaine is active on social media as @arbuckle_elaine and even has her own Facebook page dedicated to early primary science. Check out Half Pint Science if you haven’t already.

If you know someone like Elaine who goes the EXTRA mile for your school’s EXTRA-curricular club schedule, then tag them on one of our social media posts this week or nominate them via email to before midnight (GMT) on 8th December 2023 and they will be entered to win a full 12 month membership of My Science Club for your school! Or, if you sign up to our newsletter before midnight on 10th December, you will also be in the hat to win a membership too! Click here for newsletter sign up

Look forward to sharing and hearing from you all this week

Bryony and Paul

My Science Club co-founders