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My Science Club welcomes award winning Early Years Science specialist to the team!

Behind the scenes, Paul and Bryony have been secretly recruiting a brand-new content creator to join our small and perfectly formed team and we’re delighted to introduce you to Elaine Arbuckle!

We’ve created this extra special blog to welcome her to the team and let you know a little bit more about her and what she is up to in her first year with us. We did a little Q&A with her recently and here is what she had to say…

Name: Elaine Arbuckle

Social media tags / platforms: Half Pint Science (Facebook) ; @arbuckle_elaine (X / Twitter)

School where I work: Mearns Primary, Glasgow, Scotland

What I love about My Science Club: Everything you could ever wish for to deliver a science club. Detailed and innovative.

What inspired you to join the team: Working with people who are passionate about science.

What experiences and skills I am bringing to the team: I have 35 years teaching experience (!!!) and love working with younger children, allowing them to lead the learning and passing on my enthusiasm for science.

Something we didn’t know about you:  I got a Blue Peter badge after a child in my class wrote to Blue Peter because I taught the children to sign ( BSL) to communicate with a deaf child in their class. I went to night school to learn British Sign Language.

What Elaine doesn’t mention here is that she is a fellow of the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) and the Scotland representative on the ASE Primary Committee! A real talent that we know will add a huge amount to our capacity and production of new content.

Elaine has been helping us to edit our newest pack, Precious Planets due out later in November and she’s writing the following packs this year:

  • Early Primary Chemistry pack – Making Materials
  • Early Primary Physics pack – Light and Sight
  • Early Primary Earth Science Pack – Life in Space

We know you’ll love her content and can’t wait to share the first one with you. If you are interested in trialling one of these packs for free with your science club, make sure you are on our newsletter subscribers list as that is the only place we advertise for trial clubs – link below!

Bryony and Paul

Founders and creators of My Science Club


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