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Do you want to run science club for 7-9 year olds?

Our middle primary packs have been tried and tested and are designed with growing scientists in mind.

Packed with hand-on minds-on activities for children to work together and nurture their understanding of the world around them.

Choose from Biology, Chemistry or Physics themed packs to suit the interests of the children in your science club.

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Our tried and tested middle primary biology packs cover a variety of themes, many of which involve taking your club outside.

Perfect Plants

  1. Get planting
  2. Leaves and bark
  3. Flower dissection
  4. Hydroponics
  5. Floating seeds
  6. Exploding seeds

Brilliant resources, easy to follow and support exciting and engaging after school sessions.

CharlotteDorchester Primary


Our hands-on middle primary chemistry packs are designed to spark your children’s curiosity about the wonders of everyday materials.

Insulating Materials

  1. Ice cube challenge
  2. Penguin Power
  3. How does a coat work?
  4. Making a heat shield
  5. Tea temperature challenge
  6. Blubber gloves

The children loved the sessions and learned so much with a lot of fun being had at the same time.

ElaineMearns Primary

Physical Changes

  1. Exploring Dissolving
  2. Hot or Cold?
  3. Does Size Matter?
  4. Salt Painting
  5. Fizzy Geyser
  6. Hydrogels

I loved Science club and I could work with other children

9 year oldRothwell St Mary's Primary


Each our middle primary physics packs is full of six creative sessions on a variety of themes to get your children exploring how the world around them works.

Super Sounds

  1. Exploring vibrations
  2. How we talk
  3. Stretchy sound
  4. Tuneful bottles
  5. String telephones
  6. Solid and liquid sound

Helped me spend less time preparing and more time doing the science with the kids.

ChristineBeverley St Nicholas Primary

Earth Science

Each of our middle primary earth science packs has six innovative hands-on sessions designed to get your children thinking about planet earth and beyond…

Wild Weather 

  1. What goes around…?
  2. How much does it rain?
  3. Under Pressure
  4. Taking Earth’s Temperature
  5. Windy Days
  6. Where do we get our Weather Forecasts From?

Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.

Marie Curie

Join My Science Club – annual membership only £49.99.

Six packs, each with six themed sessions,

for you to enjoy a full year of inspiring science with your children!

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