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Do you want to run a chemistry themed science club?

Our chemistry packs cover a wide variety of themes; water to chemical reactions; insulating materials to physical changes and everything in between.

Each pack has six inspiring hands-on sessions designed to spark your children’s curiosity about the wonders of everyday materials.

Scroll to explore the full range of chemistry packs available.

Why not try a free sample session from our upper primary chemistry pack ‘Exploring Chemical Reactions’?

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Early Primary (4-7)

Our tried and tested early primary chemistry packs are designed with the youngest scientists in mind.

Packed with hand-on activities to develop their curiosity and help them to ask questions about the world around them.

Wonderful Water

  1. Liquid water
  2. Water uses
  3. Floating and sinking
  4. States of matter
  5. Water tricks
  6. Water Tension

Brilliant resources, easy to follow and support exciting and engaging after school sessions.

CharlotteDorchester Primary

Middle Primary (7-9)

Our middle primary chemistry packs have been tried and tested and are designed with growing scientists in mind.

Packed with hand-on minds-on activities for children to work together and nurture their understanding of the world around them.

Insulating Materials

  1. Ice cube challenge
  2. Penguin Power
  3. How does a coat work?
  4. Making a heat shield
  5. Tea temperature challenge
  6. Blubber gloves

I invited governors to take part and they were blown away with the children's contributions due to the thought provoking stimulus provided.

SeannaRothwell St Mary's Primary

Physical Changes

  1. Exploring Dissolving
  2. Hot or Cold?
  3. Does Size Matter?
  4. Salt Painting
  5. Fizzy Geyser
  6. Hydrogels

It was ace!

8 year oldRothwell St Mary's Primary

Upper Primary (9-11+)

Our upper primary chemistry packs have been road tested with lots of children and are designed with older scientists in mind.

These packs encourage independence and challenge children’s thinking through more advanced concepts and activities.

Exploring Chemical Reactions

  1. Chemical Reactions Clues
  2. Chemical Fire extinguishers
  3. Bath Bombs
  4. Reaction Rates 1
  5. Reaction Rates 2
  6. Collecting Gas

I loved making the bath bombs, I want to do this again at home with my family

10 year oldLakeside Primary Academy

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Six packs, each with six themed sessions,

for you to enjoy a full year of inspiring science with your children!

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