Do you want to run a physics themed science club?

Our physics packs cover a wide variety of themes; flight to sound; forces to energy and everything in between.

Each pack has six creative hands-on sessions designed to get your children exploring how the world works.

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Early Primary (4-7)

Our tried and tested early primary physics packs are designed with the youngest scientists in mind.

Packed with hand-on activities to develop their curiosity and help them to ask questions about the world around them.

Pushes & Pulls

  1. Pushes and pulls walk
  2. Small push, Big push
  3. 10 Pin Bowling
  4. Table top pulling
  5. Changing shapes
  6. Games night!

The pack is easy to follow and easy to read.

ElaineMearns Primary

Middle Primary (7-9)

Our middle primary physics packs have been tried and tested and are designed with growing scientists in mind.

Packed with hand-on minds-on activities for children to work together and nurture their understanding of the world around them.

Super Sounds

  1. Exploring vibrations
  2. How we talk
  3. Stretchy sound
  4. Tuneful bottles
  5. String telephones
  6. Solid and liquid sound

This is a carefully crafted pack that supports children's exploration, achievement and also their science engagement.

JemmaGledhow Primary

Upper Primary (9-11+)

Our upper primary physics packs have been road tested with lots of children and are designed with older scientists in mind.

These packs encourage independence and challenge children’s thinking through more advanced concepts and activities.

Taking Flight

  1. Forces of Flight
  2. Paper Planes 1
  3. Paper Planes 2
  4. Materials for Flight
  5. Tube Gliders
  6. O-Wing Gliders

Everything was provided and it was clear what physical resources I needed.

RachelLakeside Primary Academy

Effortless Energy

  1. What is energy?
  2. Energy around us
  3. Energy conservation
  4. Rolling ramps
  5. Solar cookery
  6. Elastic Energy

This pack promotes engagement with science for many different types of learner.

Charlotte Dorchester Primary

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