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Do you want to run a biology themed science club?

Our biology packs cover a wide variety of themes; plants to invertebrates; micro-organisms to humans and everything in between.

Each pack has six fun hands-on sessions. Many of which involve taking your club outside.

Scroll to explore the full range of biology packs available.

Why not try a free sample session from our early primary biology pack ‘Handy Humans’?

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Early Primary (4-7)

Our tried and tested early primary biology packs are designed with the youngest scientists in mind.

Packed with hand-on activities to develop their curiosity and help them to ask questions about the world around them.

Handy Humans

  1. How humans move
  2. Superpowers – Humans Vs Animals 
  3. How far can you jump? 
  4. Fingers & toes
  5. Sensing senses 1
  6. Sensing senses 2

What a wonderful club. The children loved learning about their body!

SueSt Michael's Primary

Tiny & Mighty

  1. Building a mighty mansion
  2. Where do the smallest animals live?
  3. Sorting Animals
  4. Bee bombs
  5. Butterfly feeders
  6. Who’s moved into the mansion?

The sessions were so usefully structured and sequenced.

SeannaRothwell St Mary's Primary

Middle Primary (7-9)

Our middle primary biology packs have been tried and tested and are designed with growing scientists in mind.

Packed with hand-on minds-on activities for children to work together and nurture their understanding of the world around them.

Perfect Plants

  1. Get planting
  2. Leaves and bark
  3. Flower dissection
  4. Hydroponics
  5. Floating seeds
  6. Exploding seeds

As a busy teacher using the resources was a great way for me to save time.

RachelLakeside Primary Academy

Upper Primary (9-11+)

Our upper primary biology packs have been road tested with lots of children and are designed with older scientists in mind.

These packs encourage independence and challenge children’s thinking through more advanced concepts and activities.

Micro World

  1. Yeast 1
  2. Yeast 2
  3. Microscopy
  4. Mycelium and Mould
  5. Extracting DNA
  6. Soil invertebrates

Hands on learning at its finest!

JemmaGledhow Primary

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Six packs, each with six themed sessions,

for you to enjoy a full year of inspiring science with your children!

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