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Want to run a science club?

You are in the right place…

Our science clubs are the perfect way to grow children’s love of science and inspire curiosity.

During My Science Club sessions, children will be able to explore, experiment, discover and investigate for themselves.

My Science Club has everything you need to get going – just add the children!

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

Dorothy Parker
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Why join My Science Club?

The experienced founders of My Science Club have created high quality hands-on science club sessions ready to go.

My Science Club provides an innovative web-based membership package for you to choose science clubs to suit your children.

Save time with our tried and tested clubs that include detailed educator’s notes; quick to prepare resource lists and engaging resources for the children.

Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they’re open

Thomas DewarScottish businessman
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How does My Science Club work?

  • Join My Science Club and be a part of our community in just 3 simple steps
  • My Science Club is great value for money with 36 science club sessions for just £49.99 a year
  • Choose and download the clubs you want when you want them with our easy-to-use credit system
  • Start using our high-quality science clubs to inspire and engage your children straight away
  • Members of My Science Club can earn unlimited free credits for recommending a friend
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What do you get when you join?

Your annual membership is excellent value for money. You can choose and download six of our high-quality packs at any time over the year – that’s less than £1.50 per session!

Our science club packs consists of six one-hour themed sessions for different ages and sciences.

When you become a member of My Science Club, you get six credits which allow you to choose and download the packs you want when you want them straight to your membership area.

You get access to new packs launching throughout the year, come back whenever you like to choose your next pack.

As a My Science Club member, additional benefits include member only mailings; ‘how to’ guides, certificates, templates and special offers throughout the year.

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What’s included in a My Science Club pack?

Each themed pack contains:

An easy-to-use educator’s guide which includes:

  • equipment lists
  • top tips
  • a ‘get thinking’ activity
  • a main activity
  • the science explained
  • An engaging slideshow and relevant printables for every pack

All you have to do is add the children and some simple equipment!

Why not try one of our free sample sessions here first?

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Only want 1 My Science Club pack?

No problem, you can buy a single pack for £10 which gives you 6 complete science club sessions.

The perfect option for you if you’re home-schooling, and don’t need the full 6 packs, or if you want to try a complete pack before committing to a full membership yet.

Your £10 gets you one credit and you can then browse the library of packs and choose the one you want – it couldn’t be easier.

Buy a single My Science Club pack for only £10.00

Six themed science club sessions, educator’s guides, slideshows and printables, to inspire your children!

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Join My Science Club – annual membership only £49.99.

Six packs, each with six themed sessions,

for you to enjoy a full year of inspiring science with your children!

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