I have got problems sourcing the kit list you provided for this My Science Club session. What shall I do?

In our educator’s guides, we have listed suitable alternatives to resources that are free or very cheap. We often suggest sources of resources too – we hope that helps too. If you are still stuck, just drop us an email hello@myscienceclub.com and we will be able to help.

I’ve got 6 credits with My Science Club annual membership. Do I need to spend them all in one go as I am not sure which ones I want yet?

No, with our flexible membership package, you can spend them at any time during your 12 month membership period so you can be flexible about the ages and interest of your group of children taking part in your science club. If you want to chat further about which packs might be best and what our launch schedule is for later in the year, just get in touch hello@myscienceclub.com and we will be able to help further.

How do I know these activities are safe for me and my children?

All our packs are tried and tested with children, so we know they work. Specific notes around health and safety of particular activities are noted within the educator’s guides and the slideshows where appropriate. As always though, the safety of any science activity is the responsibility of the educator leading it. Please ensure you carry out your own risk assessment and follow the guidance provided by your employer. In Scotland, this is via SSERC and in most of the rest of the UK, this is CLEAPSS Primary. If you have any specific questions about any of our activities, please contact us hello@myscienceclub.com and we will be happy to help.

There are only four Biology packs and I have a whole year of science club that I want to have with a Biology focus, what do I do with my remaining 2 credits?

You’re right, at launch, there are only four packs of each subject (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and each age phase (early, middle and upper primary) but don’t worry, we will be releasing more throughout the year. First to arrive will be our first four Earth Science packs then further Biology, Chemistry and Physics packs will all be arriving as the year goes on. By the time you need them, there will be plenty to choose from and we will keep our members updated through blogs and newsletters. If you have any further questions about upcoming packs or how to spend your credits, get in touch hello@myscienceclub.com and we will be happy to help.