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To start day 4 of EXTRA CURRICULAR CLUBS WEEK, we want to introduce you to Nur who runs a remarkable reading club at St Gallion’s school in Newham.

Nur told us that they started the reading club as they identified a number of children that lacked fluency in reading and suggests that if you are thinking of starting a reading club then start small and perhaps ask your PTA or local community for support, either with small donations towards copies of the book or even copies of the book itself that they may not want any more.

Also, Nur mentioned that there are organisations out there that would provide your group with books. Here at My Science Club, we know one way to do this is to get involved in the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize each year.

The 2023 books are currently being judged by reading panels up and down the country. Take a look here if you want to know more and keep an eye on the page towards the end of the Summer term (July) or start of the Autumn term (September) 2024 for when next year’s opened and why not get your reading or science club to join in and get extra books for your school at the same time!

If you know someone like Nur who goes the EXTRA mile for your school’s EXTRA-curricular club schedule, then tag them on one of our social media posts this week or nominate them via email to before midnight (GMT) on 8th December 2023 and they will be entered to win a full 12 month membership of My Science Club for your school! Or, if you sign up to our newsletter before midnight on 10th December, you will also be in the hat to win a membership too! Click here for newsletter sign up 

Look forward to sharing and hearing from you all this week

Bryony and Paul

My Science Club co-founders