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October is Black History Month


Many countries, including the UK, observe this month and schools often take this as an opportunity to celebrate and notice their black communities and their history while others use it as a chance to study historic figures and people of note locally, nationally, and globally.

There are many organisations throughout the UK and beyond that provide lots of incredible resources and offer education packs and themes such as ‘Saluting our Sisters’ and ‘Beyond Windrush’ and we’ve popped some links to these at the foot of the blog.

This year, we have partnered with the amazing people at Queer Education Consultancy and created a set of 4 poster to use in your classrooms, assemblies, science clubs or to share with families. A version of these is on the Queer Ed website and we’ll be releasing one extra special version connected to our resources each Monday in October and collating a mini version here on this blog each week too. Plus, our members have a full My Science Club version in their members area.

So why not take one of these incredible black intersectional scientists and share their story whilst connecting to their work in your science club..?

First up is Delbert, an evolutionary biologist…

Next up is Craig who works to improve fog forecasting in Northern India….

We’d love to hear from you about the things you and your clubbers get up to so don’t forget to tag us in your posts this week. If you are a member, you can enter our brand-new monthly competition by sending sharing on any of our social media channels what your club are up to and a chance to win a free credit to exchange for a whole pack of 6 sessions of your choice!

Bryony and Paul

Founders and creators of My Science Club



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Free poster set from Queer Education Consultancy