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1) Why teach Topical Science?
Topical science is a way to bring the science concepts you are teaching to life and make them relevant to children’s lives. It can be the hook into a science topic, or it can be the finale showing children where the science they have just learnt fits in. Teaching children about topical science from the world around them is engaging and inspiring, it can spark discussion, curiosity, and additional research about the stories.

2) Keeping up with Topical Science?
The big challenge for educators without a particular interest in science is how to keep up with what science is going on in the world so it can be brought into everyday teaching. There are some excellent science-based podcasts that are very accessible, and Twig Science Reporter has weekly science stories from round the world beautifully presented. I bet you didn’t know from the Primary Science Teaching Trust takes cutting edge scientific research and presents it in a way that’s accessible to primary age children. Our favourite is of course Topical Science Updates though!

3) What are Topical Science Updates?
Topical Science Updates are free monthly newsletters aimed at 8- to 14-year-olds. Each month two or three current science stories are presented with a short blurb and some relevant images. Stories are developed through links to video clips and online articles to let children explore the science behind the stories and the background to the science.

4) Five ways to use Topical Science Updates
Topical Science Updates are used by 1000s of educators around the world every month to excite and inspire children. User feedback tells us that the top 5 ways they are used are:
• As a lesson starter or discussion opener
• In assemblies
• As a link to home, either homework or in family newsletters
• As a research task for children
• Within a particular science topic or linking to a specific concept.

5) Topical Science Updates new home
After 9 years of sharing Topical Science Updates with educators in a variety of different ways they are finally going to have a permanent home. Right here on our brand new My Science Club website which will now house every new Topical Science Update plus the complete archive going all the way back to 2013! The updates will continue to be FREE for ALL educators to download whenever they want to use with children in whatever context they are working in. They can be found in our free resources section of our website.

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Bryony and Paul
Founders and creators of My Science Club Ltd