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After a year of training, learning, reading, sharing, working with teachers and reflecting on it all through a written submission, Bryony and Paul are both delighted to share the news that they are both accredited trainers – among only 16 in the whole of the UK!

Both were already  driven by their passion for the importance of children in their own learning and the relevance of what is taught to them and their lives. The approach, led by Prof Louise Archer and her team at UCL, focusses on social justice as fundamental to ensuring we remove barriers to learning science in primary schools.

Bryony and Paul have worked with schools in Glasgow and Yorkshire to support teachers to make tweaks to their practice and remove barriers to learning. The impact has been huge already just in the small number of classrooms they have supported during their training.

Bryony commented “By starting with the child and seeing them as an asset to the lesson as opposed to a deficit model, teachers were able to get to know their classes even better and focus on the starting points of the child. This approach is not about chucking the baby out with the bathwater but reflecting on how we can include all our children in their own learning – changing attitudes at all levels, a real privilege to be a part of.”

Paul added “I am so proud of this accreditation; it was a tough journey but an amazing project to be a part of. It has shaped so much of what we do at My Science Club. We already had a firm foundation with our NO LIMITS approach to science clubs, the learning we have gained with the Primary Science Capital project has opened even more possibilities up and the feedback has been amazing!”

If you want to find out more about Primary Science Capital Teaching Approach and download the free primary handbook, you can find out more by clicking here.

Drop us a line if you are looking to develop this approach in your school, we’d love to chat