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We’re delighted to share the news that one half of My Science Club has won a prestigious national award last week at a fabulous science filled evening at the Think Tank Museum in Birmingham!

Bryony, co-founder of My Science Club, was presented with her award from Adam Donnan, chair of Trustees of the Science Council.

The award was presented in recognition of the impact of Bryony’s own professional learning has on the work she does to support other educators. She does this by constantly reflecting, learning, developing and creating the resources and ideas she shares here as part of My Science Club but also in her wider work across the primary science sector in Yorkshire and beyond.

Upon hearing she had won this award, Bryony said “I was thrilled to receive the notification that I was a CPD award winner. Being a chartered science teacher (CSciTeach) means so much to me. As a primary teacher with a GCSE in Human Biology, I have often felt a huge sense of imposter syndrome and that my peers are more ‘science’y’ than me. The charter mark had a huge effect on my self belief that my work is valued and has parity with colleagues in the sector. Achieving this award has made me feel this all over again and I am so proud to be recognised in this way.”

You can read more about the award on the ASE website but clicking here.  

We’re so proud of Bryony’s achievements and we know you’ll join us in sending her HUGE congratulations!