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Did you know it is Maths Week in Scotland week beginning 25th September?

The theme this year is ‘Maths in Motion’ and we’ve got just the thing to help you out…

We’ve have created a quick and easy science activity to do in conjunction with your plans all about surface friction with lots of ways to explore maths in motion by building ramps and taking repeat readings.

The images below show a quick and easy way to get going which are free and available to all but iIf you are a member of My Science Club, you will find the full session including Educator’s Guide with all the science explained, a slideshow with photos of how to set everything up and printables to get the results recorded and interpreted quickly.

Want to join our club? Enter the code MSCWeAreOne at checkout for a 15% first birthday discount code valid until the end of September!

Tag us in our social media if you have a bash, we’d love to hear how you get on!


Bryony & Paul, founders and creators of My Science Club