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From our co-founder, Paul Tyler and family

“I’m a long time microscope addict but today was my first #mosssafari inspired by @MossSafari who I met at the ASE Annual Conference in January 2023 in Sheffield. There is lots of information about getting started on their website CLICK HERE.

The kids and I loved getting #upcloseandpersonal with the moss. We collected different samples from around the garden.

After soaking in some warm water for 3 – 4 minutes we squeezed the water out into small bowls. Then we had a go at pipetting small drops out into a petri dish to explore under the microscope…

We found lots of life in our droplets take a look at our video by CLICKING HERE “

Doing your own Moss Safari really is that simple and we’d love to hear how you get on – don’t forget to tag us and Moss Safari in your social media posts