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Welcome to our fourth blog of the first ever EXTRA CURRICULAR CLUBS WEEK and a special warm welcome to Kristina Castle the scientist in residence at Lab_13 at Irchester Primary School.

Kristina, has been using My Science Club resources with her science club for some time now and is of our chief testers and trial schools when we have a new pack to test out but we know that Kristina doesn’t just run a science club, she also has a rather special family lab that happens weekly after school and so we invited her to share more about this amazing way in which she engages families to share and grow a love of science.

Family lab started before Kristina joined the team at Irchester and its original intention was to increase the science capital and aspirations of our pupils by engaging their families in their science learning, meaning that the conversations, inspiration and experiments will continue on beyond the classroom.

Kristina also told us that some of the best activities have been the cheapest and not taken much time to prepare and these helped provide open ended dialogue, discussion and wonder.

If you know someone like Kristina who goes the EXTRA mile for your school’s EXTRA-curricular club schedule then tag them on one of our social media posts this week or nominate them via email to before midnight (GMT) on 8th December 2023 and they will be entered to win a full 12 month membership of My Science Club for your school! Or, if you sign up to our newsletter before midnight on 10th December, you will also be in the hat to win a membership too! Click here for newsletter sign up.

Look forward to sharing and hearing from you all this week

Bryony and Paul

My Science Club co-founders