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Last week saw the launch of some more fantastic and free resources on the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) website. As people with a keen interest in science clubs and as both Bryony and Paul are PSTT fellows of PSTT, they couldn’t wait to dive in and find out more…. Here’s what they discovered…

There are 8 Eco Science club activities from bamboo cricket bats to termite tunnels, and from microplastics in soil to whale songs and much more besides. Each activity contains:

  • Fact sheet that can be sent home
  • One page activity sheet to run each session
  • Kit list
  • Simple session guidance
  • Key science facts
  • Questions for learning

Each Eco-Science activity has been stimulated by another great resource from PSTT; I Bet You Didn’t Know….’ (IBYDK). These are a series of contemporary cutting-edge science articles to help children contextualize research and their own learning.

In one example, the Eco-Science club Bamboo Bats, has been stimulated by an IBYDK article ‘Bamboo could be used to make cricket bats’ written by My Science Club’s very own Paul Tyler, who has quite a passion for wood on willow. In this Eco-Science club, the children explore the bounciness of different materials.

Just like My Science Club, all the Eco-Science club resources shared on their website are validated by Children’s university for extra curricular activity!

Perhaps your school is looking for ideas to support an Eco-Schools award application? This could be just the thing!

There are lots more IBYDK articles by clicking here.

Find more of PSTT’s Eco-Science clubs by clicking here. You will also find Engineering Our World clubs, Earth Exploration clubs, Challenge Chaser clubs and SEN Sensory Sparks club resources too!