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World Clean Up Day is a worldwide campaign to clean up our precious planet that takes place annually across the globe. This year, it is scheduled for 16th September 2023 and we have been thinking of ways we can get involved alongside our My Science Clubbers…

  • Do a litter pick of your local community or grounds during your usual science club session.
  • Why not make a physical graph of what you collect? All the crisp packets in one column and apple cores in another?
  • Make a pledge to pick up one piece of litter on the journey to and from school each day this week (adults and children)
  • Find out about the history of World Clean Up day which was started in Estonia in 2008
  • Commit to helping the adults at home to ‘clean up’.

Why not visit the website to find out more about this global movement and get a pin in the map for your event?

We’d love to hear from you about the things you and your clubbers get up to, if you are a member, you can enter our new monthly competition by sending sharing on any of our social media channels what your club are up to and a chance to win a free credit to exchange for a whole pack of 6 sessions of your choice!

Bryony and Paul

Founders and creators of My Science Club