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Well, here we are with the final blog of the very first EXTRA CURRICULAR CLUBS WEEK! We had to end with our very own Paul and his inspirational My Science Club at Kirkhill Primary in East Renfrewshire!

As we’re sure you already know, Paul is one half of My Science Club, co-creator, co-owner, Lego obsessive, teacher, dad, husband, great friend and all-round good egg! His passion for STEM education knows no bounds and without Paul, we would not be what we are today here at My Science Club… thanks Paul for all you do to make science clubs so much better for everyone else!

We have had so much fun this week seeing all the comments on social media, hosting #PrimaryRocks on X on Monday night, creating the profiles, hearing from so many of you about the incredible clubs that you run… So much so that we’ve decided to do it all over again this time next year so save the date, week beginning 2nd December 2024 will be EXTRA CURRICULAR CLUBS WEEK 2024!

If you know someone like Paul who goes the EXTRA mile for your school’s EXTRA-curricular club schedule, then tag them on one of our social media posts this week or nominate them via email to before midnight (GMT) on 8th December 2023 and they will be entered to win a full 12-month membership of My Science Club for your school! Or, if you sign up to our newsletter before midnight on 10th December, you will also be in the hat to win a membership too! Click here for newsletter sign up 

Look forward to sharing and hearing from you all this week

Bryony (and Paul of course!)

My Science Club co-