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Here at My Science Club, we are huge fans of making the most of materials we already have when planning and running our science clubs. Here are out top five tips to for being ready to go with your club…


1) Yogurt pots

You can’t go far wrong with yoghurt pots; you’ll find they feature regularly in our equipment lists. We use them to measure, mix, grow, mold, collect, stir and so much more. We don’t think you can ever have enough so start collecting your stash now and if you are based in a school, you might be able to send a note to families or colleagues asking for their (clean!) contributions too.


2) Medicine syringes

We think there are better places than landfill or the bottom of a kitchen drawer for these easy-to-use measuring devices that come with most children’s pain relief medicines (no brands are harmed in the writing of this blog!). They are usually 5ml and we certainly have tonnes in our collections. Re-usable, reliable, washable and easy to use, what’s not to love?


3) A freezer friend

Our science club sessions quite often involve ice of some description, especially ones with a chemistry focus. We often need quite a lot of ice too making it a bit tricky to bring from home in the morning and use at an after-school session with your clubbers. We have always found that finding a freezer friend (usually kitchen staff who make your yummy lunch too) who can spare a little freezer space for you is invaluable. They often have larger freezers than domestic ones which is particularly helpful for larger lumps of ice (usually with something frozen in the middle!)


4) Read our blogs

We’ve written lots of blogs about science clubs and you can find them all on our blog page. We recommend you start with ‘Five things to think about when starting a science club in school’ full of top tips and thoughts about timings, numbers, costings and more.


5) Join My Science Club!

Of course, number 5 had to be this one. We’re a membership web-based organisation here to provide you with the very best of ideas saving you lots of time, energy and worry. A one-year membership gets you 6 full packs, each one containing 6 sessions based around a theme or topic. That’s 36 sessions all for just £49.99, that’s less than £1.50 per session. Along with member benefits, support from award winning educators, what’s not to love? We hope to see you in our community soon.


Get in touch , and find us at from 7th September 2022. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Bryony and Paul

Founders and creators of My Science Club Ltd