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We’re so proud of everything we have done to make our website the very best that it can be so that you, as educators, can join in just 3 clicks and start accessing the packs you want. But there is far more to our website than that and here are our top 5 sneaky snippets…


1) Free stuff!

We have lots of free stuff hosted on our website including the new home for Topical Science Updates and Up Close and personal, our brilliant blogs, sample sessions so you can try before you buy and lots more besides!

2) Member benefits

As well as 6 whole packs of My Science Club goodness, our members get extra goodies too including our super stickers and stupendous certificates and lots more besides!


3) My Science Club pack selection

We have a wide range of packs for you to choose from as members. These can be filtered by age or by science focus. We have lots more in the pipeline with our 4 Earth Science packs next up and due for launch before December 2022.

4) Our blog

With over 35 years combined experience in primary teaching, primary science and science clubs, we’ve got lots to share with you and will continue to do that through our blogs. Our blogs are free to all and our members get enhanced blogs with special offers, discounts and resource support.


5) Our book!

This book started our partnership – we both loved working together so much that we started to look for opportunities to do something else and My Science Club was formed. If you want to buy a copy of our ‘Tardis’ it is available on our website!

Get in touch, and find us at from 7th September 2022. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Bryony and Paul

Founders and creators of My Science Club